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The Critical Link In Comprehensive Epilepsy Treatment

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Diagnosis and treatment for refractory epilepsy involves many professionals working together to achieve the optimal patient outcome. WayPoint™ Navigator 4.6 allows epileptologists, neurosurgeons, and epilepsy monitoring unit staff to aggregate the wide variety of information collected as a patient progresses from diagnosis through treatment stages.

WP Navigator Version 4.6

Upgrade included with your annual service agreement or contact your FHC representative for more info

  • Support for the latest Elekta Vantage frame
  • Support for the latest DBS segmented leads
  • Ability to automatically detect SEEG leads in postop scans even when curved
  • Ability to use any scan as registration target
Laptop showing atlas screen EMU Localization Results EMU Localization Results

WayPoint Navigator is Built for Collaboration

FHC’s WayPoint™ Navigator offers the epilepsy team a unique combination of powerful tools to streamline the complex visualization and analysis of SEEG monitoring results.

With one click, WayPoint Navigator’s post-op tools can automatically segment the contacts on all SEEG leads in a post-op CT without the need to specify the lead model(s) or locations. The advanced segmentation algorithm accurately reports the actual position of every contact and can handle deflected or overlapping leads.

Navigator has Powerful SEEG and Surgical Planning Tools for Epilepsy

In addition to unique and powerful SEEG monitoring analysis tools, WayPoint Navigator includes a robust suite of enhanced-for-epilepsy functions to be used in surgical planning of both the SEEG and treatment surgeries. These tools eliminate the need for time-consuming, manual trajectory-by-trajectory steps and allow visualization of placed leads and contacts.

Additional productivity gains can be realized when Navigator is used by the entire neurological and surgical team through all stages of the epilepsy surgical diagnosis and treatment.

Solutions for Epilepsy

FHC has adapted its patient-customized microTargeting stereotactic platform featuring patented STarFix™ technology, which has been used since 2001, to accurately place over 7,500 DBS leads and to address the needs of the drug-resistant epilepsy market. FHC now provides a full suite of products that provide solutions for diagnosis, using sEEG depth electrodes and tools from major vendors, and treatment using laser ablation or brain-responsive neurostimulation.

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